There are plenty of great blogs out there that teach people how to effectively use coupons and shop the stores. I have been following these blogs for about a year, and I enjoy what has essentially become my hobby–finding the best deals on what my husband and I eat. When I talk about the thrill of coupon clipping, people want to know how much money I am really saving and the best deals I have found. Since I don’t track any of this (my coupon stash isn’t even more than random piles and brown bags filled with old coupon inserts), how do I know if I really am saving money? Is it possible that I have been enticed to buy name-brand products I normally would not all in the name of using that coupon? I like Mrs. Moneysaver’s post on this. Because of her household’s bottom line, she says she can prove that her coupons are more than just a perceived savings.

Well, here is my blog. It is time to stick to a budget and see what my savings really are. I will share with you in the process.