Meal planning is one of the key parts of saving money in your grocery budget. When I make my meal plan for this week, I will try to think of ways to include items from this week’s CSA delivery.

Some of this week's veggies

Bountiful Blessings Farm is a winter CSA, so we’ve been receiving deliveries since November. We will get a total of 12 deliveries plus 3 flats of berries in the spring (one delivery every other week). We purchased a full share and split it with a friend, so it ends up costing us around $27 per delivery. This probably isn’t the best price for produce, but we are eating more veggies, trying out new veggies that add variety to our meals, eating organically, and helping support local farmers.

Here is what I received this week:
– lots of carrots (still haven’t used the carrots I got 2 weeks ago!)
– kale
– scallions
– 2 gallon-sized bags of mixed salad greens (I still haven’t learned the names…it helps when I get the farm’s weekly email “What’s in the box?”)
– radishes
-fresh herbs