I used leftover turkey tonight with mashed potatoes and gravy. I had planned to make the potatoes from scratch, but I was tired and hungry so I decided to pull my Ore-Idea Steam’N Mash potatoes out of the freezer that I picked up last week at Publix for $0.99 (B1G1 plus $1 printable coupon). I microwaved them in the bag for 10 minutes, added the milk and a little butter, mashed them, and they tasted great. I liked the taste better than other pre-made potatoes, plus they have to be much healthier. All that is in the bag is the diced potatoes—unlike some brands of microwavable potatoes that add lots of butter and cream for you.

I just got to wondering how much tonight’s meal cost. I think I paid around $8 for the turkey, but we ate part of it last night and some of it will be eaten for lunches tomorrow. Let’s say tonight we ate $4 worth, plus $0.52 for green beans and $0.99 for the potatoes. $2.75 per person…. not bad.

dinner 4-13