Since I’ve gotten into couponing, I’ve come to learn that things I used to think were a good deal at Costco aren’t quite as good as free or almost free! Things like cereal, paper towel, toilet paper, and laundry detergent I know I can get for <$1 elsewhere, but we love the meat at Costco so that is something to definitely stock up on.

We did manage to spend about $60 yesterday at Costco, although I lost my receipt so I can't give exact numbers. We bought:
4 New York Strips ($25)
5 lbs. ground beef ($13)
1 case Diet Coke (this was about $3.60 per 12 cans. I can't believe I paid this again. I need to make a bigger stockpile when it goes on sale for $2 or less at the drugstores)
1 pineapple (2.87—good price!)
6 lb bag Kirkland chicken breasts ($12)