I did a little meal prep work this morning. Besides cutting up the fruit I bought yesterday and baking some muffins for my students (they have TCAPs this week), I formed some burgers and Tony helped me brown some of the meat we bought at Costco yesterday. It is nice to have meat in the freezer so that I have lots of options if I decide to change my mind during the week.

Sunday: The Local Taco

Monday: Grilled shrimp over rice, broccoli

Tuesday: Ham on the grill with pineapple spears & baked potato

Wednesday: Grilled chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries

Thursday: Trivia night @ Three Stones Pub or burgers with pasta salad

Friday:Steak & Crab Legs

Saturday: Burgers (if we eat out Thursday)/homemade pizza

Other meals that I have ingredients on hand for in case I change my mind…
Sausage and potatoes
Pancakes, eggs, bacon
Taco salad