This week our farmers gave me some good tips on how to use my veggies. First, here is what was in the box:
csa 4-22
Carrots – more carrots! We have more carrots than I know what to do with…but I will say their carrots taste better than anything I’ve ever bought in a store
Lettuce Mix
Swiss Chard– sautee with a little oil and the garlic greens
Beets (I removed the greens to try cooking with the swiss chard)… I am supposed to boil these for a few minutes and then remove the outer skin and slice. Haven’t tried it yet.
Baby Kale– they said to try it in my salad
Claytonia– these are good in salad–we’ve had these before in previous weeks
Mache – put in salad
Garlic Greens– These look like green onion, but actually are supposed to have more of a garlic flavor. Mrs. Dysinger recommended chopping up the bulb part and using like I would an onion for sauteing my swiss chard/beet greens
Endive– chop finely and put a small amount in salads for extra flavor boost