I didn’t make any really big shopping trips this week, but I did manage to make it to the store at least half a dozen times to pick up little things I had forgotten.
On this trip I actually had a plan. I paid $9.88 and saved $22.34.
Kashi cereal, FREE
Cascadian Farms granola bars ($0.32 each)
Scotties facial tissues ($0.33 each)
Oreo cookies ($1.60 each)
Milk ($2.59)
Ragu spaghetti sauce ($0.01/penny item)

Throughout the weekend we picked up random things and ended up spending about $20 and saving $4 on pizza crust, eggs, loaf of bread, dishwasher detergent, corn on the cob, pepperoni, and plastic forks. People who blog and brag about how they spent $1 on their groceries for the week really annoy me because I know that they have got to be spending money on the basic things you run out of or forget about. So this is me just being honest and saying that I can save money using coupons, but sometimes you just feel like making pizza and want more pizza crust, and your husband secretly snacked on the pepperonis all week so you had to buy more. 🙂

**ADDED- I’d also like to point out that I am not going to eat both boxes of Oreos. I did take in one to share with my students to celebrate the end of TCAPs. 😉