I used leftover turkey tonight with mashed potatoes and gravy. I had planned to make the potatoes from scratch, but I was tired and hungry so I decided to pull my Ore-Idea Steam’N Mash potatoes out of the freezer that I picked up last week at Publix for $0.99 (B1G1 plus $1 printable coupon). I microwaved them in the bag for 10 minutes, added the milk and a little butter, mashed them, and they tasted great. I liked the taste better than other pre-made potatoes, plus they have to be much healthier. All that is in the bag is the diced potatoes—unlike some brands of microwavable potatoes that add lots of butter and cream for you.

I just got to wondering how much tonight’s meal cost. I think I paid around $8 for the turkey, but we ate part of it last night and some of it will be eaten for lunches tomorrow. Let’s say tonight we ate $4 worth, plus $0.52 for green beans and $0.99 for the potatoes. $2.75 per person…. not bad.

dinner 4-13


Publix 4-13

I didn’t need to buy much this week, but I stopped at Publix to get a few things before last week’s sale ended. I wasn’t impressed with my totals…I spent 17.48 and saved 19.37 (12.98 in coupons and 6.39 on sale prices).
Coupon only items:
FREE Sun Chips ( coupon received by mail)
FREE Tampax Pearl (Catalina that printed from Kroger)
$2.59 Bridgford Frozen Bread Dough ($0.50 newspaper coupon, doubled to $1)
$3.99 Real Simple magazine ($1 printable coupon)
Sale Items
$0.52 Green Beans ($.99/lb)
$2.50 Oscar Meyer Pepperoni
$0.55 Immaculate Baking Refrigerated Cookie Dough ($1 off store coupon from Greenwise, on sale B1G1)
$0.75 PAM Cooking Spray ($.35 newspaper coupon doubled to .70, on sale B1G1)
$0.95 Kellogg’s Special K Granola cereal ($1 printable coupon, B1G1)
No sale, no coupon 😦
$0.78 Bananas ($.59/lb)

Here’s the plan for the week. I am trying to use up some of my current stockpile. Based on this plan, the only groceries I will need to pick up are an extra package of pepperoni and an extra loaf of frozen bread dough for the stromboli, plus milk for breakfast.

Sunday: BBQ Pork Chops, baked potato, salad
Monday: Crock Pot turkey breast, sweet potatoes, salad
Tuesday:Leftover turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans
Wednesday: Stromboli, salad
Thursday: Chicken casserole (with cheddar, broccoli, and rice)
Saturday: Go out to eat, or frozen pizzas

So far, so good as we have already eaten tonight 🙂

Dinner tonight- pork chops with baked potato and salad

Meal planning is one of the key parts of saving money in your grocery budget. When I make my meal plan for this week, I will try to think of ways to include items from this week’s CSA delivery.

Some of this week's veggies

Bountiful Blessings Farm is a winter CSA, so we’ve been receiving deliveries since November. We will get a total of 12 deliveries plus 3 flats of berries in the spring (one delivery every other week). We purchased a full share and split it with a friend, so it ends up costing us around $27 per delivery. This probably isn’t the best price for produce, but we are eating more veggies, trying out new veggies that add variety to our meals, eating organically, and helping support local farmers.

Here is what I received this week:
– lots of carrots (still haven’t used the carrots I got 2 weeks ago!)
– kale
– scallions
– 2 gallon-sized bags of mixed salad greens (I still haven’t learned the names…it helps when I get the farm’s weekly email “What’s in the box?”)
– radishes
-fresh herbs

There are plenty of great blogs out there that teach people how to effectively use coupons and shop the stores. I have been following these blogs for about a year, and I enjoy what has essentially become my hobby–finding the best deals on what my husband and I eat. When I talk about the thrill of coupon clipping, people want to know how much money I am really saving and the best deals I have found. Since I don’t track any of this (my coupon stash isn’t even more than random piles and brown bags filled with old coupon inserts), how do I know if I really am saving money? Is it possible that I have been enticed to buy name-brand products I normally would not all in the name of using that coupon? I like Mrs. Moneysaver’s post on this. Because of her household’s bottom line, she says she can prove that her coupons are more than just a perceived savings.

Well, here is my blog. It is time to stick to a budget and see what my savings really are. I will share with you in the process.